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Welcome to Yokotu - a young, dynamic, and fast growing marketing agency with over 45 years combined gaming, esports and cryptocurrency marketing experience. Our goal is to empower brands and influencers to connect and deliver impactful, next generation marketing campaigns and solutions.


Our Services

From influencer marketing over to general consultancy in the gaming & esports field as well as media production such as live streams, trailers and videos, we’re a powerhouse of experience and services.

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Language matters - worldwide.

Here at Yokotu we are firm believers in united messages and strong brand development. That means, that together with our partners, we support localisation into over 170 languages from subtitles to voice overs and marketing materials.


Our Team

Competent, nerdy and focused. That’s our team of distinguished professionals, ready to transform your marketing to the next level.


We take the stress out of your marketing.